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Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf

Germar Rudolf, a German citizen, was born in 1964 in Limburg, Germany. He has a university degree in Chemistry. Rudolf became a revisionist in 1991 and has written and edited numerous books and articles about the "Holocaust" subject. In 1995 a German court sentenced Rudolf to 14 months in prison for his first revisionist book, the "Rudolf Report" on chemical and technical questions of the alleged Auschwitz gas chambers. After the supreme court of his country had confirmed the sentence in 1996, Rudolf went into exile, first to the UK, then to the U.S. In spite of his officially recognized marriage to a U.S. citizen, Rudolf was deported back to Germany in 2005, where he was put on trial again, this time for his revisionist book "Lectures on the Holocaust." After having served his accumulated prison terms of 44 months, he eventually managed to immigrated once more to the U.S. to join his U.S. wife and daughter.

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