Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 29:

The Dissolution of Eastern European Jewry

By: Walter N. Sanning 

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Published by:Bargoed: Castle Hill Publishers
Edition No.:3, expanded
Release Date:2/2023
Illustrations:6 b+w

Before the Second World War, Eastern Europe was the demographic center of World Jewry. After the war, however, only a fraction of it was left behind. What happened?

The “Holocaust,” of course, most will say.

The author of this book did not stop there, though, but thoroughly explored European population developments and shifts mainly caused by emigration as well as deportations and evacuations conducted by both Nazis and the Soviets, among other things. The book is based mainly on Jewish, Zionist and mainstream sources. It concludes that a sizeable share of the Jews found missing during local censuses after the Second World War, which have so far been counted as “Holocaust victims,” had either emigrated (mainly to Israel or the U.S.) or had been deported by Stalin to Siberian labor camps.

This is the third edition of this classic, with a foreword by Prof. A.R. Butz, an epilogue by Germar Rudolf, and recent updates by the author. Rudolf compares Sanning’s study with a mainstream investigation into the numerical dimension of the Holocaust that appeared eight years after Sanning’s first edition and was designed to refute it. Both studies come to similar results of Jewish population losses in all European countries once ruled by the Nazis, except for two: Poland and the Soviet Union. These two countries harbored the vast majority of the world’s Jews prior to the war. While Sanning dedicated the majority of his book to a thorough study of both countries’ demographic developments, the mainstream book meant to refute him remains notably silent on those subjects. In this new edition, Sanning adds more arguments to his ongoing investigation of Jewish demographic developments in the (former) Soviet Union.

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