Groundbreaking Research Books on the Biggest Taboo of the Western World

This ambitious, growing series addresses various topics of the infamous “Holocaust” of the WWII era. Most of them are based on decades of archival research in archives all over the world. They are heavily footnoted and referenced. In contrast to most other works on this issue, the tomes of this series approach its topic with the necessary profound academic scrutiny and a critical attitude. Any Holocaust researcher ignoring this series will remain oblivious of the most important research results in the field.

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These books are designed to have the power to both convince the common reader as well as academics in this field. And it is very successful with this approach: Ever since its inception, this prestigious series has gained the attention of many western historians and of several opinion leaders worldwide. The final goal is to eventually tip the academic scale, so that academia will start doing its duty: to demand and pursue public scrutiny of this most influential topic of all western societies. Because as long as academics don’t do this, the media and politicians certainly won’t do it either.

So far, the following 52 books have appeared in this series. There are more in various stages of preparation; see the drop-down list at the top of this page for all published volumes and those in preparation. To learn more about the published volumes, click on their respective links below. You can also download a free brochure describing the currently available volumes here. If you consider buying most or even all volumes of the series, consider this special offer: ARMREG Ltd offer the entire series (all volumes published so far) at a discount of some 30%. Click here to find out more details.

All Holocaust Handbooks in One Brief Glance:

SECTION ONE: General Overviews of the Holocaust

SECTION TWO: Books on Specific Camps

SECTION THREE: Auschwitz Studies

SECTION FOUR: Witness Critique

  • Elie Wiesel, Saint of the Holocaust: A Critical Biography. This bio­gra­phy of Wie­sel exposes his many personal de­ceits. It shows how Zionist control has allowed Wie­sel to force world leaders to genuflect before him as symbolic acts of subordination to World Jewry. 3rd ed., 458 pp., ill., bibl., index. (#30)
  • Auschwitz: Eyewitness Reports and Perpetrator Confessions. The traditional narrative about Auschwitz rests almost exclusively on witness stories. This study scrutinizes the 30 most important of these statements. 372 pages, ill., bibl., index. (#36)
  • Commandant of Auschwitz: Rudolf Höss, His Torture and His Forced Confessions. Höss, the former Auschwitz commandant, was captured by the British after the war. This study reveals how the British tortured him to extract various “confessions.” Höss’s depositions are thoroughly analyzed. 402 pp., ill., bibl., index. (#35)
  • An Auschwitz Doctor’s Eyewitness Account. The influential postwar tales of Miklos Nyiszli, a Hungarian Auschwitz inmate, are exposed as a collection of inventions and lies. 484 pp, ill., bibl., index. (#37)
  • Rudolf Reder versus Kurt Gerstein: Two False Testimonies on the Bełżec Camp Analyzed. Only two witnesses testified substantially about Belzec: Rudolf Reder and Kurt Gerstein. Both accounts are presented, thoroughly analyzed and exposed as a collection of absurd lies. 216 pp, ill., bibl., index. (#43)
  • Sonderkommando Auschwitz I. Scrutiny of mendacious testimonies by self-proclaimed Sonderkommando members Fillip Müller, D. Paisikovic, S. Jankowski, H. Mandelbaum, L. Nagraba, J. Rosenblum, A. Pilo, D. Fliamenbaum and S. Karolinskij. 304 pp., ill., bibl., index. (#44)
  • Sonderkommando Auschwitz II. Scrutiny of mendacious testimonies by self-proclaimed Sonderkommando members Henryk Tauber and Szlama Dragon. 254 pp., ill., bibl., index. (#45)
  • Sonderkommando Auschwitz III. Scrutiny of late witness testimonies by self-proclaimed Sonderkommando members such as J. Sackar, A. Dragon, J. Gabai, S. Chasan, L. Cohen and S. Venezia, among others. 230 pp., ill., bibl., index. (#46)
  • Auschwitz Engineers in Moscow. Analysis of Soviet postwar interrogations of the Auschwitz cremation-furnace engineers, documenting propaganda at work. 254 pp., ill., bibl., index. (#52)

Copyright Notice: Most, but not all of these books have been released to the public domain for educational purposes only. (We have an author contract on Volumes 32 preventing us from posting free files). These books in the public domain may be copied and distributed free of charge only. No commercial use is permitted. If copied and distributed, no changes to the books are permitted without the prior written consent of the books’ author(s)/editor(s). These books can be downloaded as a free PDF file, or viewed online on each book’s dedicated web page (see above) with your browser’s built-in PDF viewer. Most of the released books can also be downloaded there as a free eBook in ePub format. We also offer compressed zip files containing all the books available in the respective format for download (PDF, ePub). These files are huge, though. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, downloading them might take a long time:

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