Thank you very much for visiting our volunteer page!

The series Holocaust Handbooks and Holocaust Documentaries are non-profit projects. As such, we offer almost all of our products for downloading completely free of charge. It goes without saying that we would not be able to do this if there weren’t numerous grateful individuals who show their appreciation for our work by volunteering. If you want to chip in as well, please find here, in brief descriptions, the various ways how you can get involved in the “greatest adventure of the twenty first century” (Robert Faurisson). If you want to learn more about any of the topics or want to offer your assistance, please reach out to the publisher of this series at https://armreg.co.uk/contact-us/.

Area Duty Skills
Editing & Proofing Fine-tune the text of books written by our authors. Good language skills (grammar, orthography, punctuation)
Media Contacts Create and send press releases; establish media relations for us to place ads and organize interviews and discussions about new book and/or video releases. Web research, writing skills
Movies Record interviews, discussions, chats, speeches; create documentaries, present revisionist material visually. Video editing skills
Promotion Material Create promotion material (flyers, brochures, ads, trailers). Creativity, experience with desktop publishing programs, creating brief video clips
Research & Writing Research a topic with our logistical help; write your own book get it published with us or others. Common sense
Translations Edit neural-net (=artificial intelligence) translated texts. Good native skills in the target language; good passive skills in English.