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« L’illumination est la sortie de l’homme de l’immaturité qu’il s’est lui-même infligée. L’immaturité est l’incapacité d’utiliser son intelligence sans être guidé par quelqu’un d’autre. Cette immaturité est causée par soi-même, si elle n’est pas due à un manque d’intelligence, mais à un manque de détermination et de courage pour utiliser son intelligence sans être guidé par quelqu’un d’autre. Sapere Aude ! [oser savoir] Ayez le courage d’utiliser votre propre intelligence ! est donc la devise de l’illumination.« 

C’est ce que disait le célèbre philosophe allemand Emmanuel Kant en 1784.

Ce site web traite de la lucidité, de la maturité et du courage :

  1. Il vise à éclairer tous ses visiteurs sur l’une des questions les plus influentes de l’histoire moderne : L’assassinat délibéré présumé de six millions de Juifs par l’Allemagne nazie, principalement au moyen de chambres à gaz, au cours de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.
  2. Pour cela, il faut que le visiteur soit mûr, c’est-à-dire qu’il soit capable d’utiliser sa propre intelligence sans être guidé par quelqu’un d’autre.
  3. Enfin, il faut avoir le courage d’ouvrir son esprit à des pensées fondées, rationnelles, mais à la fois véritablement époustouflantes et, diront certains, sacrilèges.

Êtes-vous prêt à recevoir votre propre dose d’illumination ? Regardez, écoutez et lisez, et découvrez-le par vous-même !

Vous ne savez pas par où commencer ?

Le contenu expliqué ci-dessous n’est actuellement disponible qu’en anglais et en allemand. Nous nous efforçons de le publier également en français. Soyez indulgents avec nous !

Start with a Free Movie

To ease you into the subject, we recommend that you sit back, relax and watch an introductory documentary. There are several choices we recommend:

If you’re hungry for more, you can browse any of our documentaries, or, if you want to delve into the matter even deeper, you may want to start reading our books, whose information density is easily tenfold that of a documentary.

Read a Leaflet or a Brochure

  • The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate: This letter-size flyer puts into a nutshell what Holocaust revisionism is all about. You can take the above PDF file to your local printer or copy shop, and have them print as many copies as you like, for your own use, to hand it out, even to sell it, if you wish. Please note that the flyer is meant to be folded twice; instructions on how can be found at the bottom of the second PDF page. Most printers and copy shops can do the folding automatically for you.
  • Letter-Size Flyer HOLOCAUST REVISIONISM IN 10 MINUTES by Thomas Dalton, PhD: This double-sided letter-size leaflet also gives the novice a brief introduction into what Holocaust Revisionism is. It has a different format (plain letter-size), writing style and contents than the above leaflet. You can take the above PDF file to your local printer or copy shop as well, and have them print as many copies as you like, for your own use, to hand it out, even to sell it, if you wish.
  • Holocaust Skepticism: 20 Questions and Answers about Holocaust Revisionism: This stapled, full-color brochure of 19 pages introduces the novice to the concept of Holocaust revisionism, and answers 20 tough questions, among them: What does Holocaust revisionism claim? Why should I take Holocaust revisionism more seriously than the claim that the earth is flat? What about the pictures of corpse piles in the camps? How about the testimonies by survivors and confessions by perpetrators? What does it matter whether prisoners died from disease or poison gas? You can take the above PDF file to your local printer or copy shop, and have them print as many copies as you like (color or black & white), for your own use, to hand it out, even to sell it, if you wish. You can also order hard copies of it here.
  • The Holocaust: Facts versus Fiction: This 32-page booklet gives a condensed overview of the latest research on the Holocaust with references to literature where you can find more on the subject. It also explains why the issue is important and why many governments brutally suppresses dissenting views. It contains lots of references to free e-books and videos, and it lists the entire book program of Armreg Ltd (at the time of going to press). You can download it right here .

Consult the Revisionist Holocaust Encyclopedia

The new standard reference work summarizing in 579 nutshell entries the research results of skeptical Holocaust research. This 634-page letter-size “Nuke Book” gives you an uncensored and unconstrained look at all the pertinent evidence that upholds the orthodox Holocaust narrative: the true, the false, and the mendacious. It also exposes the various forces and influences that have dictated how this narrative was formed, and how it is protected from skeptical prying eyes. Learn about the biggest propaganda campaign mankind has ever seen, and how it braced the postwar world psychologically. This encyclopedia gives you all the information they ever wanted, and information you didn’t even know exists, right at your fingertips. This trail-blazing work is accessible free of charge online at You can buy eBook versions and printed copies of this myth-slayer at
Or you can watch our 30-minutes introduction movie right here:

Read Our Books

Most of our books on the « Holocaust » you can download, read and even distribute free of charge as an eBook (as PDF and, for most, as ePub). Our series Holocaust Handbooks currently encompasses 52 books. Many of these books are highly specialized, which can be rather confusing and discouraging for most of you who just want it in a nutshell. Hence, below we give a brief guide as to what we recommend for those dipping their feet into this topic for the first time, or for those who want a somewhat deeper, yet still general immersion into it.
The first two books are unfortunately commercial in nature and are not available as free downloads (and the first isn’t even part of our series). The last two, however, and indubitably also the most up-to-date and comprehensive ones, are available as a free download, so maybe you want to start there.

Holocaust 101

T. Dalton, 'The Holocaust: An Introduction'

The best brief introduction into the topic of the Holocaust is Thomas Dalton’s The Holocaust: An Introduction. It has merely 115 pages of text in a handy, small paperback format of 5×8 inches, and it costs only £11.5 as a hard copy. Amazon customer E.J. Peterson, a verified buyer of the book, wrote the following brief review about it (on March 6, 2017, Amazon blocked all our books and deleted all associated book reviews, so you can’t find the reviews quoted here anymore – so much about freedom of speech…):

Phenomenal. A fantastic starting point.
For a 115 page book, it is a truly shocking and eye-opening work. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Honestly, subject your accepted opinion on the matter to this 1 hour read and see where you sit after that.

Learn more about this book here.

Holocaust 201

  1. T. Dalton, 'Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides'The above-mentioned brief introduction into the topic is a condensation of a more encompassing study which Dalton first published in 2008: Debating the Holocaust: A New Look at Both Sides. He released updated editions of that book in 2015 and 2017. In this book, Dalton studies the topic more thoroughly by juxtaposing the most important arguments of all contending sides in the raging debate about the « Holocaust, » which, some say, should not be debated in the first place. The book has some 300 pages of text of a larger format (6×9 inches). At £28 as a hard copy, it’s still a steal. Amazon customer « patito, » a verified buyer of the book, wrote this brief review about it:

    Most important Holocaust book in this moment
    The updates to the 2015 edition are especially important as the author corrects and forwards a proposal towards the end. A very good compilation of the real state of affairs regarding the actual evidence for one argument or the other. The Epilogue is especially critical to understanding the whole picture.

    Learn more about this book here.

  2. N. Kollerstrom, 'Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality'In his book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality, now available in its 2019 5th edition, science historian Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom explains the Holocaust issue for the common reader from a scientific, but also from a societal point of view. This paperback book has some 250 pages of text (6×9 inches). At £25 as a hard copy, it has been our best-selling book ever since it was first published. Amazon customer « Giordano Bruno, » a Amazon-verified buyer of the book, wrote this brief review about it:

    Myth Busting
    An interesting and informative book, particularly how it expresses that the “Holocaust” has basically become a sacred religion that cannot be challenged even by science. Anyone who dares to criticize or explain that certain narratives of the holocaust are physically impossible is instantly branded as a heretic and excommunicated. Would definitely recommend reading it!

    Learn more about this book here.

Holocaust 301

G. Rudolf, 'Lectures on the Holocaust: Controversial Issues Cross Examined'

At 510 pages of text, the Lectures on the Holocaust have been characterized as encyclopedic in their coverage of the topic, yet at the same time as a truly riveting read. Written in an unusual dialogue form, it draws you right into the debate the author engages in. This is a brand-new edition issued in July 2017, which is greatly improved by new material. It costs merely £36.50 as a hard copy. Amazon customer « HolocaustHistory channel, » a verified buyer of the book (he bought it from us, not from Amazon), wrote this brief review about it:

This is without doubt one of the best treatments of the holocaust debate. Rudolf is judicious and moderate throughout, and packs in a great deal of information. By writing dialogues, he gives himself the opportunity to give clear answers to many the questions that will occur to the reader. If you are at all interested in the holocaust, you have to read this book.

Learn more about this book here, or download it as a free PDF file right here.