Holocaust Handbooks, Volume 19:


Holocaust Propaganda and Reality

By: Carlo Mattogno  Thomas Kues  Jürgen Graf 

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Published by:Uckfield: Castle Hill Publishers
Edition No.:2
Release Date:5/2020
Illustrations:26 b+w
Features:Index, Bibliography

According to mainstream historiography, 170,000 to 250,000 Jews were exterminated at the Sobibór Camp, eastern Poland, in gas chambers between May 1942 and October 1943. The corpses were buried in mass graves and later incinerated on an open-air pyre.

In this book, the orthodox version of what transpired at Sobibór is put under the microscope. It is shown that the traditional narrative of the camp’s history is not based on solid evidence, but on the selective use of eyewitness testimonies, which in turn are riddled with contradictions and outright absurdities.

All early witnesses, for example, report about murder with chlorine or an ominous black liquid, and almost all witnesses agree that the gas chambers had collapsible floors, which served to quickly remove the corpses after the deed into hollow spaces underneath. Engines were posited as a source of poison gas only after the war, and the stories about collapsible floors were relegated to oblivion by orthodox historians.

For more than half a century, Holocaust historians made no attempts to muster material evidence for their claims about Sobibór. Only in 2000-2001 did such research start, which carried on until 2018, when it was decided to stop all further research and cover the site under a thick layer of granite and marble gravel. The results of that research, among them building remains excavated which orthodox historians claim to be the remains of a gas-chamber building, are discussed in detail.

Also scrutinized is the basis of the mass-gassing allegations, namely the alleged National Socialist policy of extermination of the Jews. A large number of contemporary documents are brought forth which refute the Holocaust historians’ claim that the “Final Solution” and “deportation to the east” were code words for mass murder.

What emerges from the analysis is the picture of Sobibór not as a “pure extermination camp”, but as a transit camp from where Jews were deported to the occupied eastern territories.

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