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The First Holocaust

Supported with many publications, in particular from The New York Times, the author shows that between 1890 and the late 1920s, mainly American Jewish organizations were claiming that up to six million Jews(!) would suffer terribly in Eastern Europe and would face a holocaust if they did not receive massive aid… Fifth edition of 1018.


Groundbreaking Documentaries on the Biggest Taboo of the Western World In 1992, Jewish filmmaker David Cole went to Auschwitz to make a documentary, in which he exposed the lies, distortions and outright falsifications committed by the local Polish Museum. His movie made him famous—or infamous, some contend. With this courageous young Jewish man’s deed, critical…

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You can help us spread the good news that this fantastic series Holocaust Handbooks exists – or you can spread the good news of Holocaust revisionism in general – or both. Note that none of the items listed below is copyright-protected. This means you can download them and spread them through all electronic channels at…


There are two ways to support this series: 1. Support the Publishing Company For this, please use the donation feature at 2. Support the Series’s inventor and chief editor Germar Rudolf Germar Rudolf launched this series in 2000, and has been its chief editor ever since. He also created this very website back in…

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Both the series Holocaust Handbooks and the series Holocaust Documentaries are registered with the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) 1529-7748 and 2059-3872, respectively. The series Holocaust Handbooks was launched in 2000, and the Documentaries series in 2015, although the latter went dormant when YouTube banned us from that platform. The purpose of both series is…


Groundbreaking Research Books on the Biggest Taboo of the Western World This ambitious, growing series addresses various topics of the infamous “Holocaust” of the WWII era. Most of them are based on decades of archival research in archives all over the world. They are heavily footnoted and referenced. In contrast to most other works on…

The Real Auschwitz Chronicle

Nagging is easy. We actually did a better job! That which is missing in Czech’s Chronicle is included here: day after day of the camp’s history, documents are presented showing that it could not have been an extermination camp: tens of thousands of sick and injured inmates were cared for medically with huge efforts, and the camp authorities tried hard to improve the initially catastrophic hygienic conditions. Part Two contains data on transports, camp occupancy and mortality figures. For the first time, we find out what this camps’ real death toll was.

Debating the Holocaust

A debate about the Holocaust is raging underground; not whether or not it happened, but rather how, through what means, and to what extent. Here, arguments and counter-arguments are presented, and all relevant facts are laid out in a clear and concise manner. The entire debate, censored in public, is presented in a scholarly fashion.

Holocaust Handbooks & Documentaries

Presented by ARMREG Ltd and CODOH ISSN 1529-7748 (Books) & 2059-3872 (Documentaries) Taboo-Breaking Books and Documentaries Click here for Holocaust Handbooks: Your browser does not support the video tag and/or does not show MP4 files. Click here for Holocaust Movies: Your browser does not support the video tag and/or does not show MP4 files. “Enlightenment…

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