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Ernst Böhm

Volume 34 of this series, Garrison and Headquarters Orders of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, is based on an initial overview compiled by an industrious German, which was posted online in 2018 as a PDF file for downloading free of charge. The author chose the pen name “Ernst Böhm.” His work has been greatly expanded, corrected and revised for Volume 34 of this series. Out of gratitude for his preparatory work, he appears as the co-author of this book. We are not revealing his real name here, be-cause we all know that, as long as the current repressive regime in Berlin prevails, everyone in Germany must fear for their existence if they venture out to find the truth in this area of research. Anyone who helps to open the eyes of any reader by virtue of such work may protect themselves and their families from unlawful persecution when nevertheless publishing what they have found out.

Ernst Böhm (born 1911 in Oschersleben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, died on 5 January 1946) is one of the seven German officers of the Wehrmacht who were convicted and executed/murdered in the Soviet Union after WWII following a show trial. They had been wrongly accused of having participated in the Katyn massacre. The choice of this name as a pseudonym is a declaration of solidarity for those innocently persecuted.


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