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Nicholas Kollerstrom

Nicholas Kollerstrom

Nicholas Kollerstrom, Ph.D., holds degrees from Cambridge and London. For 11 years he was a member of staff of the Department of Science and Technology Studies at University College London. A distinguished historian of science, he contributed three entries, including on Sir Isaac Newton, to the biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers (2nd ed., 2014). He recently participated in the conference, “Academic Freedom: Are there limits to inquiry?” held at the University of Illinois, Campaign-Urbana.

An academician with a social conscience, Nick co-organized the Belgrano Inquiry in 1986, publishing The Unnecessary War (1988) as its proceedings, and co-edited The Case Against War (Spokesman, 2004). He is also the author of Terror on the Tube on the London 7/7 Subway bombings (4th edition, 2014), and spoke at the Vancouver 9/11 Hearings held there in 2012. He has furthermore edited, authored and co-authored, i.a.: Lead on the Brain (1982), Astrochemistry (1984), The Eureka Effect (1994), Newton’s Forgotten Lunar Theory (2000), Galileo’s Astrology (2004), Venus, the Path of Beauty (2009).


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